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Kannada ranks 33rd among the most popular languages of the world. It has been a living language since ancient times but the historians have traced its script from 5th Century AD onwards. A possibly more definite reference to Kannada is found in the ‘Charition mime’ of the 1st or 2nd century AD in Egypt! The farce, written by an unknown author was discovered in the early 20th century at Oxyrynchus in Egypt. The play is concerned with a Greek lady named Charition who has been stranded on the coast of a country bordering the Indian Ocean. The king of this region, and his countrymen, sometimes use their own language, and the sentences they spoke include “Koncha madhu patrakke haki” (lit having poured a little wine into the cup) and “paanam beretti katti madhuvam ber ettuvenu” (lit having taken up the cup and having covered it, I shall take wine separately). The language employed in the papyrus indicates that the play is set in one of the numerous small ports on the western coast of India, between Karwar and Mangalore of Karnataka. Kannadigas (Kannada speakers) are found mainly in Karnataka and its neighbouring states in India.

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Spoken Kannada Content


Module 1.  Introductory session

Module 2.  Meaning of the words- Framing Sentences

Module 3.  Names of Colours, Birds, Animals, Fruits and Vegetables

Module 4.  Days of the week – Numbers in Kannada – Seasons

Module 5.  Dialogues – Genders- Opposites

Module 6. Translation passages from English to Kannada

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