Spoken English

Spoken English Training with One Month Paid Internship

Minimum Eligibility

Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA

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COURSE FEES  RS.10,000/-

English is a universal language. If you want to learn the world you need to learn the English language. With IT, we can open ourselves to the world and the only way we can connect to the world is through the English language. If you are a business man you would have to learn English to expand your business to overseas. If you are a student you would have to learn English for a brighter future. If you are a professional, you would have to learn English for the benefit of your career. Even if you are just a street walker, still you need to learn English to understand what’s going on in the world. No matter who you are? Learning English is very important. The format of the class would include theory classes on etiquette and manners, grammar & vocabulary. Conversation classes for building fluency! Group discussion classes including debates, thought processing, and language check etc.

Course Goals The purpose of the course is to synchronize educational fineness with human excellence, to promote self-development and creativity in a stress free atmosphere, to emphasize on providing the most modern and sophisticated learning environment coupled with the Indian heritage. Moreover, it is to develop a more qualified and learned society. The Goal is to create a society where English speaking capability can be harnessed by each and every individual to increase his/her potential to succeed in their professional and personal life. We seek to liberate the person from his inability to communicate in the corporate language of India, which is English.

Benefits of learning Spoken English course in Bangalore @ SKMTECHNOSOLZ

  • Leading English Training institute in Bangalore
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Industry Experienced and skilled teachers
  • Facility to work on “Live” Projects
  • Certificate on completion of the Course
  • 100% Job Assistance Guaranteed!

Course Content

Module 1

  • Implementation of basic Grammar in sentences
  • Listening , reading, vocabulary
  • Confidence
  • Developing skill in speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Motivational skill
  • Testing and evaluating

Module 2

  • Communication
  • Reading Skills and Listening Effectively
  • Speaking
  • Focus on syllable stress Intonation and     pitch
  • Idioms Phrases and Proverb
  • group discussion
  • confidence gaining
  • Building Powerful Vocabulary
  • Testing and evaluating

Module 3

  • Writing Skills
  • Email etiquettes
  • Business correspondence
  • Extempore
  • Group discussion
  • Interview technique
  • Body language
  • Removing fear
  • Business vocabulary
  • Selling skills

Module 4

  • Enhanced Vocabulary
  • Emphasis on Verbal Communication
  • Effective leadership skill
  • Email Drafting
  • Cv writing
  • Business Communication
  • Positive thinking

Module 5

  • Implementation of Grammar in day to day conversation
  • Vocabulary
  • CV writing
  • GD Extempore
  • Motivational skill
  • Controlling anger
  • Testing and Evaluating

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