SAP ABAP Course in Bangalore With Live International Projects


ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the default programming language for SAP applications. This course will teach you basic to advance ABAP programming.

SKMTECHNOSOLZ  is the South India’s leading corporate training institute, provides SAP ABAP Training in Bangalore. The trainers are all working professionals having experience of 12+ years provides SAP ABAP Training. The course content of SAP ABAP is designed from beginner level to advanced levels. After completion of SAP training the SAP ABAP certification will be provided. Peopleclick is tied up with more than 70 SAP client companies.

Benefits of learning PhoneGap training course in Bangalore @ SKMTECHNOSOLZ

  • Leading SAP Training institute in Bangalore
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Industry Experienced and skilled teachers
  • Facility to work on “Live” Projects
  • Certificate on completion of the Course
  • 100% Job Assistance Guaranteed!


The standard functionalities encompassed in SAP software do not provide all solutions for the specific requirements of large businesses. This gap is filled by customized developments and SAP ABAP is utilized for that purpose. The other important benefits for businesses are:

  • In case of large businesses, there must be huge variety of essential records. It requires number of databases to handle this. SAP ABAP encompasses the capabilities to define and manage databases more effectively.
  • ABAP makes SAP applications more flexible so that the distributed systems combine different types of databases according to the specific requirements.
  • As ABAP is integrated with information of specific business operations like warehousing, large enterprises can track their businesses.

Understanding the special features with ABAP language is essential for building an effective SAP application for large businesses and financial institution. Our SAP ABAP course in Bangalore covers all the features of ABAP and empower you to develop high-end enterprise application on SAP platform

ABAP Fundamentals

  • Introduction to ABAP: Datatypes, Operators & Editor –
  • ABAP Data Dictionary – Table, Lock Object, View & Structure
  • Modularization in ABAP: Macro,Subroutines & Function Modules

Lets Dive into Database

  • Open SQL & Native SQL in SAP ABAP
  • SAP ABAP Internal Table: Create, Read, Populate, Copy & Delete
  • SAP ABAP Table Control with Examples

Lets CODE!

  • ABAP Report Programming
  • Dialog Programming : Module Pool in SAP ABAP
  • ABAP Subscreens : Call Subscreen in SAP
  • Process on Value & Process on Help
  • ALV Reports in SAP – ABAP List Viewer

Forms and Scripts

  • All About SAP Scripts
  • Smart Forms

Time for Some Exits

  • What is User Exits and Customer Exits in SAP ABAB
  • What is BADI? SAP ABAP

Lets Transfer Some Data!

  • ABAP Query in SAP – Step by Step Guide
  • SAP ABAP BDC (Batch Data Communication)
  • ALE, EDI & IDocs Introducion & Difference: SAP
  • All About IDOC: Definition, Structure, Types & Implementation
  • SAP BAPI – Step by Step Guide to Create BAPI in ABAP
  • RFC
  • SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers

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