We have a dedicated placemnet department whos work is to help you create and source your CV in all the online job portals, market your CV to the companies who require and as well as to the companies we are associated. Our main goal is to place you in the Industry on the perticular technology you learnt as per industry standard salary. We will see to it you get placed after your program completion.

Your can check the Alumni page and see our studnets who got placed in the Industry in 2019 - 2020 you can have a talk with them discuss their feedback and jugde yourself if we are the right choice for your career goal.

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Dedicated Manager

Dedicated Account Manager to solve all your problems without hassle

Experienced Team

Highly experienced production and faculty team for guidence

In-House Job

One month in-house job with experience letter live projects

Get Placed

Good performers are hired in-house as well as they will attend interviews


At Skmtechnosolz we are dedicated to train you give you experience of production as per the Industry production flow and you will be working with the in-house team as well as learn your program. The way we would train you you will see the difference if you have already done any training program. Your achievement is our only focus to make you better and bigger.

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