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Node js Training Institute in Bangalore With Live International Projects

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Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA

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Node js Training

A career in node js requires in-depth training and guidance so that you can take the right step in the right direction. SKMTECHNOSOLZ will help you do the same. Our trained professionals have successfully made us one of the Best Node js Training Institute in Bangalore.

Why to learn Node js?

Looking for lightweight, efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices? Check out Node.js. Built on Chrome’s JavaScript, Node.js uses is an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

Benefits of learning node js training course in Bangalore @ SKMTECHNOSOLZ

  • Leading node js training institute in Bangalore
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Industry Experienced and skilled teachers
  • Facility to work on “Live” Projects
  • Certificate on completion of the Course
  • 100% Job Assistance Guaranteed!

NODE JS Course Content

Module 1

  • Installing Node.js and Sublime
  • Using the Terminal (OS X & Linux)
  • Using the Terminal (Windows)
  • Introduction to JavaScript & Node
  • What is Node.js?
  • Creating Variables
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • If Statements
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Booleans
  • Undefined
  • Arrays

Module 2

  • Getting Input & Storing Data
  • Creating an npm based app
  • Using 3rd party libraries in your app
  • Validating & Requiring Input
  • Working with JSON
  • Encrypting Information
  • Handling Errors

Module 3

  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Async Basics
  • Requires An API Key
  • Requiring local files

Module 4

  • Creating a Web Server with Express.js
  • Hello Express.js
  • Serving up Static Websites
  • Middleware is Awesome
  • Using Git
  • Generate SSH, join Heroku & GitHub
  • Deploying Your Application

Module 5

  • Todo REST API
  • Installing Postman
  • Getting All Todos
  • Get Todo By Id
  • Postman Environments
  • Creating New Todos
  • Refactoring With Underscore
  • Underscore Challenge
  • Deleting Todos By Id
  • Updating Todos
  • Passing Variables By Reference
  • Filtering By Todo Completed Status
  • Searching By Todo Description

Module 6

  • Working With A Real Database
  • Sublime Text Bonus!
  • Installing Sequelize and Sqlite
  • Adding Model Validation & Fetching Models
  • Postgres On Heroku
  • PUT /todos/:id
  • Section 9: Adding Authentication
  • Creating the User Model
  • Using Sequelize Hooks For Validation
  • Hashing and Salting Passwords
  • POST /users/login
  • Custom Sequelize Class Methods
  • Generating a JWT For Authentication
  • Making Todo Routes Private
  • Playing With Associations
  • Associating Users With Their Todo
  • Associating Users With Their Todo Pt. 2
  • Deploying To Heroku

Module 7

  •, The Front-end, and A Chat App
  • Adding To Your App
  • Exploring The Front-end
  • Sending Live Data Back & Forth
  • Creating The Front-end UI

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