Business Analytics course

Minimum Eligibility

Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA

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Internship Salary

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Rs 2000/-

COURSE FEES  RS.15,000/-

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; and the process of applying those patterns towards effective decision making. In other words, analytics can be understood as the connective tissue between data and effective decision making, within an organization.

Module – I Introduction to Business Analytics (Timeframe: 1/2 week)

  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Statistical Methods for Decision Making
  • Marketing and CRM
  • Business Finance

Module – II Analytics Techniques (Timeframe: 1/2 week)

  • Optimization Techniques
  • Advance Statistics
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Machine Learning

Module – III Tools (Timeframe: 2 weeks)

  • Python
  • R
  • Tableau
  • SAS (Online)

Module – IV Stats Models (Timeframe: 2 weeks)

  • Linear regression
  • Market basket analysis
  • Upsell marketing
  • Cluster analysis
  • Chi square test
  • T and F test

Module – V Case studies (Timeframe: 2 weeks)

The candidate will get chance to work on a real time case scenario and they can implement all their knowledge.

Exam Assistance

Doubt Clearing Classes*

Module – Live Projects (Timeframe: 1 week)
Exam followed by Certification

On successful completion of the modules mentioned as above, the students will be assigned a project. Students will implement their newly gained knowledge under the guidance of a senior professional of SKMTECHNOSOLZ  Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Business Analytics  Team.

On successful completion of the project, selected students (based on their performance) will get a 1 week on-job experience where they will be able to work alongside the Business Analytics team in SKMTECHNOSOLZ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Certification :
On completion of the full course, and successful execution of the project work, a training & project completion certificate will be provided to the students by SKMTECHNOSOLZ Solutions Pvt Ltd.